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Shanti Maurice

Available Rooms


Junior Suite

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Covering 81 sq. metres, the 44 Junior Suites are among the most generously proportioned in Mauritius. Designed to blend modernity with practicality, they’re housed in attractive villa buildings with four suites per villa. The suites are equipped with plasma TVs, DVD players and broadband Internet access.

The ground floor suites have direct access to the beach, as well as an outdoor rain shower, while the suites on the first floor have large balconies overlooking the Indian Ocean. As well as large bedrooms and bathrooms, each Junior Suite has a separate dressing room with an open closet and dressing table.


Luxury Villas

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With dense private gardens shielding your villa from the beach and surrounding paths, you’ll feel completely at ease as lunch is served in your shady dining pavilion.

Covering 208 sq. metres, the eight Luxury Villas have a swimming pool, a garden and an enclosed courtyard with an outdoor rain shower and lounge beds. ‘Sala’ pavilions, for dining or relaxation, stand in the garden, while the interior accommodation includes a large bedroom, bathroom and a separate dressing room with a walk-in closet and dressing table.


Luxury Suite Villas

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The large living room adds an elegant extra dimension to the Luxury Suite Villas. Bringing the total space up to 376 sq. metres, the living room gives the Villas a sense of bright and airy spaciousness.

The five Luxury Suite Villas have a 54 sq. metre swimming pool, a private garden and an enclosed courtyard with an outdoor rain shower and lounge beds. ‘Sala’ pavilions, for dining or relaxation, stand in the garden, while the interior accommodation includes a living room, bedroom, bathroom and a separate dressing room with a walk-in closet and dressing table.


2 Bedroom Suite Villas

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With two bedrooms, two bathrooms with separate dressing rooms and a large living room, these Villas are ideal for a family or friends. The vast interior and exterior space gives family members or friends the freedom to spend time together or apart. Meals can be taken in the large dining area or al fresco in one of the ‘Sala’ garden pavilions.

The three Villas have a 54 sq. m. swimming pool with built-in Jacuzzi, a private garden and an enclosed courtyard with lounge beds. The outdoor rain shower offers the opportunity to shower beneath the sky and the palms in blissful seclusion.


Shanti Villa

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Offering unrivalled space and unsurpassed privacy, the Shanti Villa is the ultimate blissful retreat. This stylish sanctuary, with phenomenal views across the bay, suits the most discerning guests, who wish to reside in privileged splendor with personal, discrete service. Covering a massive 800 sq. metres, this villa is the most prestigious guest accommodation on the Island of Mauritius.

Half-hidden amidst lush landscaped gardens, the villa has a private swimming pool with built-in Jacuzzi, ‘Sala’ dining pavilions and an outdoor rain shower in an enclosed courtyard. The interior accommodation includes a living room, two bedrooms, a butler’s room and three bathrooms.

5 Star
5 star
Chemin Grenier
Chemin-Grenier, B10 Chemin Grenier Road, Chemin Grenier 0
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Nestling between sugarcane fields and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Shanti Maurice – a Mauritius resort – satisfies all the senses. With exotic gardens, pristine white sands, a sublime spa, spacious accommodation and restaurants brimming with fresh ideas, you’ll find a place, and people, devoted to pleasure.

Leisure & Activities


Any resort golf course needs to provide a challenge for the better player, yet offer a playable and enjoyable experience for the recreational golfer. Located a short 10 minute drive away from the Estate, Heritage Golf Club has found the right balance and variation in length of holes, width of fairways, green sizes and ultimately the risk and reward element that is crucial on any championship layout. This is a golf course, designed by South African architect Peter Matkovitch, with passion, love and attention to detail.


The resort offers two floodlit tennis courts, both are naturally sheltered by the landscaped gardens that surround them. The Concierge can provide a playing partner or for those wishing to improve their game, can arrange a private coaching session with a tennis professional. Please contact the Concierge Team for more details.

Water Sports

From dolphin watching to kayaking, the activities arranged by our team at the boathouse include most aquatic pursuits. We provide free non-motorised activities such as kayak, zayak, pedalo, paddle board, snorkelling sessions and free snorkelling equipment and jelly shoes. You can also enjoy an unforgettable snorkeling tour to our CORAL GARDEN. A unique site in the South of Mauritius at the Shanti Maurice Lagoon. The snorkeling area is accessible directly from the beach, making it safe and exciting for those less experienced who are wanting to see tropical fish and coral.

Deep-sea fishing, waterskiing and other activities are available on request, to practice outside the Estate.


The culinary art is sacred at Shanti Maurice, an unforgettable mix of inherent and artisanal experiences. Fresh from the ocean, our garden or nearby farms, our chefs offer local produce and imaginative choices. We celebrate the bounty of the Indian Ocean and the culinary art the islands have to offer: from Africa in the west, Asia in the north, and Indonesia in the east, our new concept Aquacasia, served at our Stars Restaurant, brings together the very best Indian Ocean cuisine. With casual beach barbeques, fine dining at our oceanfront restaurant and simple, healthy fare from our Garden Wok menu, we cater to the most discerning of palates.


Stars, serving the finest, freshest food, shines at night. With exquisite, perfectly prepared dishes and a setting offering views over a starlit Indian Ocean, the restaurant turns dinner into a memorable occasion. This is the place to lose track of time as the hours slip by as you savor your favourite wine.

The defining characteristics of Aquacasian cuisine, ideated by our chef Willi Reinbacher, the freshest ingredients and spectacular flavours, are prevalent throughout the menu. As spices were passed between islands throughout the trade routes of the Indian Ocean, each local culture developed their own unique style of cuisine. From the delicately fragrant Mauritian smoked blue Marlin to the rich complexity of a Maldivian style Lamb Mashroshi, the mastery of spice plays a pivotal role in forming the unique and fascinating flavours. Aromatic dishes inspired by resourceful street traders are served alongside authentic family recipes that have been passed down over countless generations. Classic dishes that capture the heart and soul of an island’s love of food sit alongside new and inventive interpretations created by chef Reinbacher.

Our produce is sourced as locally as possible, featuring fresh-off-the-boat or herbs straight from our kitchen garden. From farm to fork, we trace the provenance of our food, and we utilise seasonal supplies.

Fish Shack

The celebrated Fish Shack at Shanti Maurice, offering the most authentic Mauritian evening on the Island, has become an instant hit with guests and discerning locals alike. The rustic beach-side barbecue, elevated by lantern-light and the sound of waves breaking on the reef, is an unforgettable feast under the stars.

The freshest fish, meat and game is grilled on request and served with a selection of salads and herbs picked from our garden a few hours earlier. The menu, depending on the previous night’s catch and the morning market, might include grilled prawns, lobster, sea bass, tuna, snappers, chicken and lamb chops. Cocktails feature rum from the local distillery, while the beer selection introduces the finest offerings from the village brewery. Experience our Sega dancers with their captivating beats and rhythms this traditional dance is known for. This is a Mauritian experience not to be missed.

Red Ginger Lounge

Our lounge bar is the place to meet for a lunchtime drink, pre-dinner aperitif or late-night cocktails. By day, the bar offers views across the glistening waters of the infinity pool and beyond to the Indian Ocean. At night, discrete lighting picks out the sculptures and foliage in the exotic poolside gardens.
The lounge offers alfresco and indoor dining options with a wide-ranging menu and wine list.


Spread over 36 acres of tropical gardens, with breathtaking views of the hills and Indian Ocean, Shanti Maurice offers many shady picnic spots. All you need do is pick your favourite one, where you will be provided with all essential picnic accessories, from the wine cooler to the cushions.
Our chefs can create wholesome meals ranging from simple salads to fresh fish and game. A salad of sautéed shrimps, avocado, papaya, mango, hearts of palm, pear tomatoes, almonds and sweet and sour vinaigrette, accompanied by a bottle of cold Chablis, is typical picnic fare.

La Kaze Mama

Shanti Maurice is inviting gastronomes to experience the art of Mauritian home cooking with its latest food initiative: La Kaze Mama. Combining two of the hotel’s most popular dining experiences; Grandma’s Kitchen and the Herb Garden BBQ, the new experience will enable guests to taste truly authentic Mauritian home cooking in a memorable outdoor setting.

Rum Shed

Known as the social hubs of the island, rum shops are the places to go to and share a laugh, a story and a drink. Step up to the counter and order some gateau piment, samosas or dholl-puri. Add a little of the local green chilli sauce, rum cocktail or a beer then join in, what is sure to be a lively conversation about a number of things – sports, politics, world affairs or nothing in particular. You will be well on your way to enjoying a true Mauritian experience.

Global flavorful comfort food will be available, prepared in a shipping container which is converted in a kitchen including a wood fire oven and a BBQ. All menu items are designed for sharing style and very casual service experience. Having dinner at the rum shed should be fun and adventurous.

Herb and Vegetable Garden

Alongside the lush landscape gardens of Shanti Maurice lies a bountiful herb and vegetable garden, providing the Chef with fresh and organic ingredients for the day’s dishes.

The garden plays home to over thirty varieties of herbs and vegetables, and depending on the season, lemongrass, parsley, rosemary, basil, mint, and coriander are grown, along with vegetables such as beetroot, aubergine, broccoli and onion.

Executive Chef Willibald Reinbacher will gladly give you a personal tour of the herb garden and discuss the philosophy behind the resort’s menu.


Spa Menus & Therapies

The Nira Spa at Shanti Maurice offers a unique range of therapies, featuring the ancient regimes of Ayurveda and Yoga combined with the latest international wellness regimes that include Hydrotherapy, Cocoons, Body Polishes, Fusion Massage and Watsu treatments. Together, the healing effect is total and the harmony between inner and outer self is complete.

Importantly, the Nira Spa experience is designed to go well beyond mere physical rejuvenation to include all the elements of holistic and stress-free living: optimum health, mental wellbeing, revitalised senses, spiritual awakening and positive dietary changes. Feel total renewal and rediscover tranquility through the nurturing touch of our therapies.

Classes & Activities


Yoga as practiced at Shanti Maurice is completely traditional in form and stems from the roots of Hatha Yoga, with adaptations to suit individual needs. It is a disciplined science encompassing all aspects of life in different ways and on different levels to balance the mind, body and spirit leading ultimately to perfect health.

Traditional Meditation

Meditation is one of the central components required for balancing and harmonizing the mind and body. The techniques offered at Shanti Maurice are grounded in ancient traditions yet immediately practical for modern needs, simply taught and easy to incorporate into your daily life.


AquaFit is a low impact, exercise in water activity that provides good cardio vascular and muscular exercise for all and is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Water offers a natural resistance to movement which means muscles and work harder without tiring. Maintain and improve strength, stamina and suppleness, as well as increase cardio vascular fitness in this class.


In the Nira Spa at Shanti Maurice, our teachers are trained in the original Pilates method, also called true Pilates, led by Master Trainer RomanaKryzanowska; ensuring that the experience we provide is pure and authentic. Our classes are personalised sessions of 50 minutes, during which we utilise the Gratz apparatus in our well equipped studio, as well performing mat-work exercises.

Wellness Cuisine

Featuring healthier, lighter preparations created from the world’s natural ingredients, our Nira Spa cuisine reflects traditional styles of cooking in a contemporary manner. Our Chef’s aim is to achieve a fine balance between flavours and rejuvenating nourishment.

This cooking technique makes use of water, milk, broths, citrus juices, wine, oils, cereals, grains, lentils and natural sweeteners, blending ancient Ayurvedic concepts and yogic arts together with modern-day Spa orientated nutrition.

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